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The Fund

Established in honour of the late His Highness Shaikh Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa, former Emir of Bahrain, the Isa bin Salman Education Charitable Trust was founded according to Royal Order No. 11 in 2013.

The Trust provides educational opportunities to Bahraini students by funding scholarship programs at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.


Founded in 2013 by Royal Order to champion higher level education for Bahraini students, the Isa Bin Salman Charitable Education Trust has been working for a decade to advance Bahraini youth through opportunities that empower them and generate positive outputs.

Complete transparency is ensured with regards to the Trust’s selection criteria which prevents discrimination of any type among applicants, so that scholarships are awarded to the most driven and capable.

The Trust aspires towards the development of society at large by focusing on the individual development of promising students; by providing them with quality education, the Trust contributes to their personal actualisation while simultaneously cultivating competent cadres that enrich the local workforce.

In line with Bahrain’s comprehensive development and Bahrain’s Economic Vision 2030, the Trust is dedicated to investing in Bahrain’s bright youth, who constitute the Kingdom’s national asset.

Developing human capital guarantees the Kingdom’s long-term prosperity and the growth of the national economy, ushering a more sustainable and promising future.

Under the guidance of its Board of Trustees, the Trust continues to expand its activities to serve the local community with a stream of revenues that are renewed through carefully managed assets and strategic investments.

The Trust also creates effective partnerships with the public and private sector, working in tandem with businesses and civil society institutions to play an active role in enabling the largest amount of beneficiaries to attain higher education.

The Trust collaborates with the Ministry of Education, as well as members of the educational and administrative bodies in universities to achieve the Kingdom’s forward-looking goals in the education sector.

Great consideration is taken while offering applicants diverse programs that cover various fields of study at both local and international universities.

The Trust consciously provides scholarship opportunities that balance the needs specific to Bahraini students with the realities of the labour market, with an emphasis on diversifying outputs and supplying competitive skills to fill the gaps in the workforce.

Over the years, the Trust has adhered to its core objectives and has grown to graduate more than 400 students whose success in a range of vital sectors is a testament to the importance of the Trust’s noble mission and the goals it was established for. The Trust is committed to achieving further growth in order to grant even more beneficiaries the opportunity to flourish with each coming year.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Bahraini national

  • Of good repute and conduct

  • Holder of a high school diploma or its equivalent from a public or private educational institution

  • A cumulative average of no less than 88% or its equivalent

  • A cumulative average of no less than 98% or its equivalent for medical scholarships

  • A cumulative average of no less than 90% or its equivalent for engineering school scholarships

  • The student must have graduated from high school this year (with the exception of those who have just completed a university orientation program)

  • Meeting the admission requirements of the prospective university

  • Passing the personal interview for medical majors